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Bull dog being groomed by a groomer. Grooming Services.

Your pup's game-winning grooming

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What We Can Do for Your MVP

wet dog given a bath and shaking off the water
University Grooming Golden Retriever
golden retriever paws being trimmmed by a groomer
dog's fur being deshedded with a special brush used by a groomer.


Just like a pre-game ritual, we'll give your furry athlete a refreshing scrub-down, removing all the dirt and grime to ensure they're squeaky clean and ready to tackle the day.


Welcome to our grooming playbook, where we transform your furry companion into a true varsity star. From haircut to brushing and pampering, we'll have your pup strutting the field like a true MVP.


No more shedding penalties. We'll tackle those excessive fur tumbleweeds head-on. Say goodbye to fur-covered jerseys and embrace a sleek, streamlined coat that's ready to dominate the field.

University Grooming Frenchie


Two sisters driven by deep love for dogs and a shared vision to change the grooming industry. Discover the journey and passion that fuels our commitment to providing unparalleled care for your furry companions.


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German Sheperd Cheerleader University Grooming
German Shepherd University Grooming
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