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​We offer a range of services that will have your pup looking and feeling like a champion.


From refreshing baths and precision grooming to tackling tangles and pampering paw treatments, our team is committed to delivering top-notch care that will make your pup the star player in the dog park.


Just like a pre-game ritual, we'll give your furry athlete a refreshing scrub-down, to ensure they're squeaky clean and ready to tackle the day.


We'll gently tackle those pesky mats, leaving your pup's fur smooth, soft, tangle-free and ready to turn heads on and off the field.


From haircut to brushing and pampering, we'll have your pup strutting the field like a true MVP.


Keep your pup's paws in championship form with our precision nail cutting service.


Say goodbye to fur-covered jerseys and embrace a sleek coat that's ready to dominate the field.


Let your furry MVP express their team spirit or showcase their unique personality with our safe and pet-friendly nail polish.

University Grooming Mascots
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