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Corgi laying on his back


At University Grooming, our mission is to revolutionize the grooming industry that is in serious need of more love and care.  Founded by two sisters with a love for dogs and a varsity football-inspired spirit, we prioritize teamwork, discipline, and excellence to provide unparalleled grooming services. 


Join us on this extraordinary journey as we rewrite the grooming playbook, treating every dog like the MVP they truly are.


Experience the University Grooming difference—a place where love, expertise, and the happiness of your furry companion are our top priorities.

About Us

About Us.

At University Grooming, we are more than just a business – we're a passionate team driven by a deep love for dogs and a desire to bring them the grooming experience they truly deserve. Founded by two sisters, our journey began with a shared bond over our furry companions and a realization that the grooming industry needed a fresh injection of love and care.

Growing up, to us, dogs were never just pets; they were cherished members of our family, bringing endless happiness, loyalty, and laughter to our lives. As we embarked on our individual paths, one thing remained constant: our unwavering dedication to our furry friends and the desire to provide them with the best possible care.

Inspired by our passion for dogs and an entrepreneurial spirit, we decided to combine our love for our four-legged family members with our shared dream of creating a grooming business that prioritizes love, compassion, and quality.


University Grooming was born from this shared vision, infused with the spirit of varsity football – a symbol of teamwork, discipline, and excellence.

Our commitment to exceptional grooming goes beyond mere aesthetics. We understand that grooming is an essential part of a dog's overall well-being, promoting not only physical health but also emotional and social balance. With each wagging tail that enters our bus, we greet them with open arms, treating them like the stars they are, ready to groom them into the champions they deserve to be.


Join us on this extraordinary journey as we rewrite the grooming playbook. We invite you to experience the University Grooming difference, where love and expertise converge, and where every dog is treated like the MVP they truly are. Together, let's celebrate the beautiful bond we share with our canine companions and give them the love and care they deserve – one groom at a time.

—Tati & Alex

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